If you are like me, you are back in the swing of life at full speed…and it’s only January 12th. Email, meetings, phone calls, deadlines, bills, to do items, unfinished business…all of it has arrived in full on my door step. The quiet and laziness of my holiday season is long gone. 

Now here is when we get to make an important choice. We can let the world run all over us and wear us down until we feel overwhelmed before we even get out of bed. OR we can take a deep breath, think calm thoughts and put it all into perspective. It will all get done. And if something isn’t perfect, will the world stop revolving around the Sun…very doubtful. It is a choice to surrender to the panic of our day to day lives…let’s face it, most people do. We live out lives of quiet desperation, just hoping to get enough sleep to make it through the day. 

OR you can choose a different path, a calm path…a path where this tranquil scene is your focus and not just a dream. A path where the warmth of the sun brightens your soul and nourishes the peace within. Sometimes to get back to this beautiful place, all we need to do it take a deep breath. So if your 12th of January is beginning to feel more like panic than a wonderful new year, let me encourage you to take a deep breath…and let it out VERY slowly. In fact take two deep breaths…and let them out very slowly.