We love Macarons because they taste good, combine original flavors and textures, and they are gluten free. Here you see my husband’s attempt at savoring the many flavors we brought home. He ate half in order to let me enjoy the other half….it was very yummy!

How do you share? Do you give things and hope others enjoy what you enjoy? Do you give a variety and let people try some, or do you enjoy a portion, then give others the rest so they can try it? Do you have all you need, with nothing to share? Do you buy extra and give what you do not need away? Do you give away your gifts and talents to help make the world a better place? How do you share the abundance of your world with those in need?

Your challenge today is to find a need and share something out of your blessings to fill that need. Simple, easy…like eating half a macaroon so someone else can try the other half.