I was standing behind this guy at our local Walmart…which I did not realize was such a dangerous place that you needed to carry a firearm in order to make it out alive. It really struck me. I guess I had never realized how many people carry firearms all the time, we just don’t see them. I am not going to address the gun problem in this country…this made me think of something else. 

When people interact with me, does my appearance or what I carry (in this case a gun) or how I present myself…invite them in, or make them want to avoid me? Do I give off a vibe of friendliness or do I look fierce? Do I even want people to approach me, or would I rather be left alone? Here is the South people strike up conversations all the time over nothing. It is friendly banter to pass the time and create a more personable moment. Some people are put off by this, others enjoy it immensely. My question to you is this one…do you want people to talk to you in public, or not? Does it matter to you, or not? Depending upon how you answered those two questions…my further query is why? Why did you answer that way? What is it about people that you choose to or choose not to interact with them?

Our mood, our appearance, our attitude, our accessories ALL combine to create a “personal brand” when we interact with people. What I would ask you to think about today is how are you presenting yourself to the world…and does it match the message you want people to receive? If you want people to talk to you, are you creating a brand that lets us know you are friendly? If you want people to know you are armed…then for this guy, message received.