I am not a foodie, but I am married to one. Which means sometimes I find myself wandering around food stores as my husband drools over the tools, gadgets, samples and other fun items. I have no idea what most of the stuff is, how to use it, or why someone would buy it…so I find other ways to entertain myself. This bag of vegetable pasta was my entertainment on one particular afternoon. I liked the color and texture, and the idea that all pasta does not have to be boring…which got me thinking.

How do I need to add a little texture and color in order to get rid of any sense of boring? My work, my art…maybe the walls in a room? Texture and color can make a HUGE difference and can be easily added to so many areas of life. It just takes a little courage. Someone got rid of the boring in this pasta through trial and error…and by working to figure out what colors would taste best. 

Where could you use some color and texture? What in your life needs just a hint of something different to dispel the boring….to take this new year in a new direction? What around could inspire you…maybe a little vegetable pasta?