We live in a rural area, and this time of year we find evidence of half eaten meals all over our yard. Here you can see yet another unfinished squirrel dinner on one of our benches. Look closely and you can see the half eaten acorn and the broken shell remnants. I always wonder what interrupted them enough that they never came back and finished their feast. I like to think it was one of our cats earning their keep!

It’s not all about me or what I want, the world keeps revolving and takes care of all God’s creatures. I am merely a caretaker of this place. My job is to keep it up so everyone this place, this space, this land impacts can keep living and surviving. It is my blessing to be able to keep the cycle of life going on the land where we live. 

What evidence do you see around your world that is proof of life? So much goes on around us that we pass right by, never noticing how nature provides for life to survive. I don’t like all the mess the massive amount of acorns make in our yard – the raking, the hauling, the yucky empty shells all over the yard – and yet without the acorns the animals in our area would not survive the winter. An annoyance to me is a meal to someone else. It helps me put the whole cycle of life into perspective.  So tomorrow when I see more leftovers on our benches, I will smile and hope the squirrels keep eating the acorns…then maybe I won’t have to clean them up!