This is the combination of two great ideas – candy and bento boxes ( We know all about candy, and yet this store put a new twist on it by letting the shopper create their own bento box…mix and match candy! It’s a three step process – choose the size, the content, and the wrapping. Perfect gift or treat for someone you know and love. 

We’ve all been to candy stores and have spent moments remembering our favorite candies, drooling over what we want to nibble, and struggling over what to actually buy. In this store you get all that AND a new way to take it home. Yes, other catalogs and vendors sell candy, here you get an experience as well. You create the box and get to tell the person you give it to the story of how/why/where/when you bought this bento box…just for them. 

I am always intrigued by people who come up with new ways to do the same thing. Candy is not new. Gift boxes are not new. What’s new is the presentation and process of creating your own bento box. So what process or presentation can you update to bring a whole new slant to your product? It’s the story that sells people, not just the object. So you need to have a great story and a fun filled process for your product…which may be yourself, your service, or your skills. Take time today to think about what could be new or different about your world to give it a sweet new perspective.