When it is cold outside, what a blessing it is to have a hot meal. For Sunday dinner we usually eat at my parent’s house; this photo shows last night’s meal. It was wonderful. My Mom is a great cook on top of being a warm and loving hostess. Even if we decide to order Chinese food or eat something light like a salad, the best part of the meal is not the food but the fellowship. It is a great chance to just chat about things, talk with each other and share the love of family. 

There is something that happens to people when they share a meal. The conversation, the discussions, the probing for details from each other’s lives…a meal seems to bring out our best, and sometimes our worst. Food gives us time to not only digest the nutrients, it allows us to digest the people…know them better. Eating together gives us time to pause and really listen to each other, hopefully without television or cell phones interrupting. 
During these cold winter days, I encourage you to share a meal with your family – those that are related by blood, or those who you have chosen to make your family. Either way, make it a point to spend time with those you love on a regular basis. Put down the technology, pick up your fork and knife and dig in…oh, and be sure to enjoy the food as well.