We started this puzzle on Christmas Eve…it’s still in pieces on our coffee table. We had fun getting started and then got frustrated as the pieces all began to look the same, our eyes got tired, our energy level began to wain. We worked on it for a couple more days, and now it sits on the coffee table covered with a towel to protect it from our cats. We will get it done or we will put it back in the box, only time will tell which way it will end. 

Isn’t that true for life as well? We spend days, months, years putting the pieces of our lives together only to get frustrated or drained along the journey. We wain, we fail, we give up…yet the pieces still sit there waiting to compile the big picture. All the puzzle needs is our skill and ability to put it together. Sounds easy, yet it isn’t. 

We’re only a couple days into this new year, and you might already have gotten frustrated enough to give up…ok, take a breath, then get back to the puzzle. The picture may not turn out exactly as you had imagined, so don’t give up. Keep at it. Just like when putting a puzzle tougher, you might need to get the edges put together first, then some other element you can identify…then keep going. Take small steps, slow steps, be patient, give yoruself time for breaks. Just keep at it. 

Life is not a destination, it is a journey. Each day is a piece of your puzzle and worth getting out of bed. All your days won’t be fabulous, yet they are worth living. Take each piece of your life puzzle and put them into the proper order, and before you know it the pieces will show you a greater picture then you ever imagined.