I have these three porcelain hand molds in my office. They are the molds that were utilized to create synthetic gloves for industrial and household use. They would have been dipped into latex to create one glove at a time. They sit on a cabinet right in front of my desk, so I can see them everyday. I like that they are all different and were created to help manufacture different types of gloves. 

As we plunge into the new year, I ask you to think about the people around you who are in need…because at some time or another in life, everyone needs a hand. No matter how prosperous you are, how healthy, how secure, how safe…there will come a time when circumstances overtake your world and you are left wanting. There will come a time when someone around you needs a hand…and you are the person who can make a difference. Will your hand be ready to help, or will you miss an opportunity to serve your fellow man? 

Take time this year to give when someone needs it, even if they will never know you did it or be able to give back…do it anyway. Give because it is the right thing to do and YOU are the person who can change their world. In order to give when the time comes, you have to prepare now…spend and save wisely, stay healthy, stay positive, stay educated…prepare now for that certain someone who will need your help somewhere, sometime this year. Because at one time or another everyone needs a hand.