This moss grows wild in our side yard. All we do is keep it free from debris, and it grows bigger, brighter and more beautiful every season. When we keep it simple, this moss spreads itself. Isn’t that true about life as well? When we keep it free from debris it is able to grow and grow and grow. We can become more beautiful, bigger and brighter when we don’t get caught up in the drama that life and people seem to manufacture. 

So how do we live debris free? How do we keep our world clean of drama, nonsense, and all other sorts of stuff that can cause us to lose focus? A good place to start is by knowing and deeply understanding what we want from our lives. Sounds simple, yet so many of us get washed around by fads and fashions, scenes and sitcom-like situations that we start to sink before we know it. We get caught up instead of running away…we create our own drama, instead of working to sweep it away. 

Start this new day of a new year by choosing to live debris free. Make choices that support who you want to be each and every day. Knowing who you want to be should be where you start each day, and make sure the choices you make support your goals.  I know some days it will be harder than others to clean out the debris, so relax. It won’t all go smoothly all the time. Know that you are focused on the bigger picture, and then let the debris wash away…don’t seek it out, don’t manufacture it, don’t get caught up in other people’s drama…steer clear. Stay focused on how you want your life to be, and do that consistently over time…and the drama will fall away. 

Like this simple moss, you too can live a bright, beautiful life…just choose debris free one day at a time.