Meet Sky, a faithful dog and friend for this farmer. Sky is a loyal and uninhibited companion, where ever the farmer goes Sky goes…as you can see from this photo. He loves being on the tractor, rain or shine. To us his new neighbors, he was warm and friendly…and willing to let us hang around to see how the work gets done. 

In this new year I wish for you loyal and faithful friends…who will go with you no matter where you go. Social media is amazing and we are all more connected than ever in history. What I mean by friend is not someone who likes your posts or shares photos. The real, loyal friend is the one you can call in the middle of the night when you have a flat tire…no questions asked, and they will come help you change the tire or pick you up…no worries. THAT is the friend I wish for you to have in your world. 

If you have a friend like that, consider yourself blessed. If you want friends like that, then work on being that kind of friend first. Friendship is one of the sweetest gifts life gives, and it only comes with trial, tribulation and time. Let Sky be your example this year…be the kind of friend you want and let others in, follow them no matter what.