We recently visited the workshop of a welder and were amazed at the things he could produce out of metal. Here you can see a few of the tools of his trade. What I enjoyed about his workshop was that he knew where everything was and how to use it. It was cluttered, dusty, dirty, crammed full of spare metal and salvaged parts, and it oozed creativity. He was proud of his workshop, and rightfully so…it was an amazing place to see and enjoy.

What does your workspace say about you? What conclusions can people make about your art from your workshop? What can they say about you when they look at your desk, or office, or cubicle? Where we world says a great deal about how we feel about ourselves and our work. There is organized, there is comfy, there is cluttered, and there is some combination of all three. 

What is most important is that you can get done what you want to get done in your workspace. It is vital that you have a place where you can create whatever it is you create…and feel free to do it. It is your place to do and be and invent…and produce. Take time to clean, or clear, or settle your own workspace so you are ready and able to start new ideas and finish old ones in the new year!