Meet Steve and Happy – we met them today. Happy is a sweet dog who greets you with a friendly wagging tail and a warm lick on your hand. His nickname is Security. He has never taken any guff from any horse, and keeps up with any piece of equipment you can imagine. He is loud, and confident and does a great job making sure his farm is secure. He never lets size get in his way. Steve is devoted to him, and when we were walking the farm and looking at a fallen tree…Happy kept up with us and made sure everything went smoothly. 

What was most charming about these two was you could tell they each had a great affection for the other…and knew their place in their world. They knew the strengths and weaknesses of the other, and yet remained inseparable. I hope that as this year draws to an end that you have a friend like Happy. Someone who knows you inside and out, cheers you in times of triumph and lifts you up in times of woe. A true friend will help you weather the roughest storm and applaud in your personal moment of joy. I wish for you in the new year a Happy Security friend…someone who loves you for you, no matter what.