I enjoy the holidays for the fun, food, and fellowship…and the leftovers. In the Bailey family, the wonder of all wonders is the cranberry jello salad…alias cranberry crack. It is amazing and one of the best leftovers when combined with a scoop or two of cool whip. Here you see my first serving, and I do mean first…but not last. 

When I was dating my husband, we were long distance. He lived on the west coast, and I lived on the east coast. He was coming to visit over the holidays, so I called his mother to find out about this jello thing he loved so much. She sent me the recipe with specific instructions on how to make it. I think I earned brownie points because he was surprised and said I made it better than he did. The way to a man’s heart is indeed through his stomach. 

As we climb down from the hustle and bustle of Christmas, never under estimate the power of leftovers. They allow us to enjoy again and again the savory elements of a special day. Whether it is a turkey sandwich, pumpkin pie, or leftover dressing…take the time to savor the delights one more time. And do that not just for food, but for the fun and fellowship as well. What you love about the original you can love even more in the leftovers. Be thankful that you have the abundance to have leftovers, when so many don’t even have enough for a first meal.