Today my husband picked up a guy walking down the road in the pouring rain. He did not own a car and could not get a ride home…which was many miles down the highway. As my husband drove him home, the stranger told him the sad circumstances of his current life – estranged family, living on someone’s sofa, not able to see his children, no transportation, little hope of anything changing anytime soon. No matter what is happening in your world during this holiday season, take time to remember those who may be struggling more than you. 

There are people around us who have no hope, have lost their courage, and see no better future in the distance. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, remember why He came – to save us from ourselves and the circumstances that bind us in this world. I encourage you to find someway to perform an act of kindness for someone – anyone – no matter the cost. Maybe they need a ride home in the pouring rain, twenty miles out of your way to the store. Maybe they just need someone to show them that kindness and the gift of giving is not all about stuff you buy at the mall…maybe they need a ride to Leadville. Whatever they need, work today to meet their need.