Chicharrons, which is a fancy word for fried pork skins or pork rinds….where we live people call this Redneck Caviar. We ate lunch at our local barbeque joint – Bub-ba-q ( in Jasper, GA. When these arrived at our table, my husband made the yummy sound…you know that sound. The one where you can almost hear the person begin to salivate. He was not disappointed, they exceeded his expectations. 

What makes you make that yummy sound? What makes your tummy smile because it KNOWS something good is on it’s way down? I hope that over this holiday season you take time to eat and drink those yummy things that make your stomach settle with delight. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this red ask caviar is proof of that. 

Forget the calories, the fried-ness, the spices and the un healthiness…just enjoy the yummy!!!