It’s a cold winter’s day, and you are stuck inside…bummer. Do you remember those days as a kid? When you wanted to be doing something else, other than what you were doing at the time? Here is our cat Buschi watching out my office window, hoping that the wind and cold will stop so he can go out and play. I offered for him to go out, but when he felt that cold air, like the smart cat he is…he just stared as me and then walked back into the living room. 

I think about the times when I was a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, and the winter just would not melt away. I remember looking out my bedroom winter wishing for Spring…like this cat wishes for the cool wind to stop. I so badly wanted to be doing something else. I imagined the things I would do when the weather changed. The nice thing was, the weather did change…every season. 

What do you wish for when you ponder out your window? Better weather? Someone to play with? To be able to run through the grass in your bare feet? No matter how cold it is where you are right now, Spring will come…and you will be able to be outside again  and enjoy the summer breeze. Keep your chin up and dream about warm weather and flowers and sunshine and fun games to play in the yard. Until then, find something interesting to do indoors to pass the time. Dream up something different to do once the weather warms up…then do it!!!