When our family got together recently, we went bowling. It was a blast! Between the mediocre fried food and the multiple games, we had a great time humiliating ourselves. We kept score, but it didn’t really matter once things got rolling…pun intended!

Male or female, young or middle aged…slinging that ball at the pins stacked at the end of the lane brings out the fun and the competitor in us all. At first we had to throw a couple balls to get warmed up, then we were well on our way. I didn’t win, but I didn’t fall on my face either. My nephews wipes the floor with me…and I loved every minute of it. Bowling is the great equalizer…skill, talent, strength…when you don’t play enough, you suddenly remember muscles you forgot you had. 

When you get time with family this holiday season and find yourselves bored of tv and video games, try bowling. It brings out the kid in everyone…it equalizes the generations and brings fun and festivity back into play. Be sure to buy some muscle relaxation rub for afterwards…you’ll need it.