These adorable Japanese young girls are on their way to school. Between their uniforms and their book bags, umbrellas and hats…they are ready for a busy day. They take the train each morning, then take it home again as well…no car pools, no school bus, just a trip on public transportation. You will see lots of students on the train in the mornings…you can identify them by their uniforms.

What “uniform” do you wear each day, and what does it tell the world about you? Do you wear a tie, a suit, a shirt with your name embroidered on it? Or maybe you wear some outfit with a hat, or special shoes, or maybe you carry a weapon. What we wear sends a message to the world. It also reinforces for us an internal message…it puts us in the right mindset to accomplish what needs to get done. 

If you need a new mindset to change your future…maybe you need to change your uniform. Subtle changes in our environment can have a great impact on our thought process. Sometimes changing what you wear is the simplest thing to change. So think today about what you wear, to make sure it matches or enhances your goal for the day. Don’t let the routine of everyday life squash the creativity you need to get your day done. Choose the best outfit for your day…and your world!