I’m feeding this deer in Nara, Japan. They roam the city freely, and will walk up to you for food…you can feed them and pet them…they will often follow you around. We interacted with bucks, doe, and babies…and greatly enjoyed ourselves. We thought they were adorable. Fast forward to Georgia…

Where I live in Georgia, deer are seen all over our land. They eat our plants, ruin our fruit harvests, and trample our beautiful spaces. This time of year they come right up to the house to eat the acorns found all over they yard. We may say they are cute…and yet really we think they are pests. 

Two different places and yet the same animal is seen very differently…it really boils down to perspective. Where the deer are tame, they are cute…where they are wild and destructive, they are pests. When I was in a different place and mindset, I had a different perspective and attitude about deer. I also had a very different experience. 

How is your perspective? Will a new place change your perspective on an old foe? Maybe it’s time for a change in how you look at things, experience things, interact with things…time for a new perspective.