I’ll give you a minute to read the menu, the entire menu. Check out the second option under the Side Dish selections…stewed guts. When we were eating at this particular Yakatori restaurant in Tokyo, the waitress brought us a bowl of stewed guts because my nephew ordered intestine, womb, and tongue…she figured he would like stewed guts. He did. I did not eat the stewed guts, I stuck with chicken and beef. I enjoyed watching everyone else eat them, and then they could tell me what else they were going to consume. 

How do you react when new and odd things are put in front of you? Do you embrace the adventure or think long and hard before jumping into the bowl? Are you adventurous with food, with thrill seeking, with travel? I hope there is at least one area in your world where you do not know what to expect. I hope you have adventures in all sorts of interesting ways. I hope you have people around you who encourage you to seek out the fun and thrills that living can provide…a day above ground is a good day, even if you have to try stewed guts. And if it’s not stewed guts, be adventurous about something this week.