A couple weeks ago while riding a train, there was this constant banging on the back of my seat. When I took a selfie of what was going on behind me, this is what I saw…a little boy who was playing with his toy on the seats. I stopped being annoyed and enjoyed his ability to entertain himself…even if it included using the back of my seat. 

Lastnight I was on my flight home and encountered the same thing…only it was a little girl learning to use the airline movie screen/game panel imbedded in me seat back. Same situation, same annoyance, yet lastnight it really bothered me. I was impatient, frustrated and felt like I was going to blow my top. When I thought about the two situations I asked myself why did my attitude differ? Why did I ignore the first and get annoyed by the second? There could be lots of explanations, lots of excuses, lots of reasoning…it really boiled down to just one. The difference was me…my state of being and how it impacted my reaction. In the first I was relaxed and in the second I was tired. 

When I operate from a state of weakness – fatigue, sickness, anxiety – my reactions are going to be more negative. It’s plain and simple. I think we all know that about ourselves, the real challenge is taking that awareness into each situation with us and acting accordingly. Instead of acting out of weakness lastnight, I took a deep breath, calmed down, and read my book. I don’t want to be that complaining passenger who bothers the flight attendant about the kid kicking my seat. I don’t want to blame the parent or complain and make an annoying situation for my row of seats worse…there are too many of those people out there already. So I controlled my actions and did something to take my mind off of it all. 

Today, as the holiday pressures and people and bustling crowds annoy you – let’s face it, they will…take  a deep breath, think first, then react as the person you want to be, not the person your state of weakness is making you be at that moment. Give everyone around you a break…take a deep breath and let it go.