This is a common sign you will see all over the train system in Japan. Everyone uses their phone while on the train, but no one talks…they are in silent mode. They play games, check the Internet, they even post and chat and type…all in silence. It is a wonderful thing. Not only does everyone obey the sign, they expect everyone else to obey the sign. There is a true accountability across the country. 

What I find even more amazing, is that everyone respects the public space enough to endure silence while getting back and forth in their daily lives.  It is a conversation free zone, where peace and quiet prevail. 

What about trying today to not talk on your phone for a while? Do you think you could survive, or are you concerned that the world will fall apart without you being online? Your challenge today is to go into silent mode, refrain from talking…ans enjoy the thoughts in your head instead of the thoughts brought up via a search engine. Silent mode, try it you might like it.