When we ate at a Tokyo Yakatori restaurant, the seating was rather tight…but we enjoyed every close minute. Here you see a shot I took of our knees underneath the table. What I saw was fellowship and close conversation…and lots of shared good food. 

How do you sit when you eat with people? Are you spread across a beautifully set table, or gather around the eat in kitchen table? Do you eat in front of the television, or do you stand at the counter and gobble as quickly as you can? Is the food serve family style or via a yummy buffet? There are so many ways to interact while eating food, the point is really to eat and enjoy the company. 

As you interact with people over the holidays this year, enjoy the people and the food. Let those awkward conversations somehow fade when good food and fun settings are involved. Let the tight quarters or superior spread help you engage better with those you love…sit with your knees close and let the joy flow.