This amazing mural was done by Hideki Kimura ( He is a mural artist we found in Kyoto. His studio in the Gion district is absolutely incredible. Here you see a mixed media wall installation that is visible from the street. When we went inside, the studio space was open for us to take pictures. Hideki Kinura was a promoter for major Rock concerts in Japan for decades, before deciding to change his path around age sixty and paint murals.

Not only is his work full of life and power, the fact that he did not begin sharing his work until close to sixty is inspirational. So many of us use our age as a reason for not doing something. We think we are too old or too young to change, we think time is not our friend, our life is too set in motion to change…blah, blah, blah. You know the rest. All the reasons why we think something won’t work…and we forget to think about the reasons why it will work. 

As you check out this gorgeous work and visit his website, be inspired to change your life. Don’t give in to your fear about being too old or too young or not being worthy, or not knowing enough…just do it! Get in there and give it a try. Like these carp, you won’t get anywhere by just swimming in circles…you need to move forward each and every day, no matter your age.