You might think this is a strange photo, yet look at how these elevator numbers are arranged. They are arranged like a list not like a regular set up for elevator buttons. Usually elevators put the lower floors at the bottom and the higher floors at the top. When we got in this elevator, it confused us until we figured out the number placement. 

I have been thinking about this one and pondered why it baffled us. I came to the conclusion that because it was not following the “normal” numbering process we found it strange. It caught us off guard, and it made us really read the buttons instead of assuming the lower buttons were at the bottom. It made us think at a time when we were not prepared to think…we were assuming this elevator would be like any other elevator, and we were wrong. 

Isn’t that true for many of our interactions with people? They catch us off guard and make us work when we thought we could just go along like normal. We might not have in mind the effort it takes to do things differently, so when we are forced to act differently we are not prepared. And yet as creative people isn’t being different what we want? Isn’t one of our goals to make people see the world in a different way? WE want to do that and yet are challenged when someone else MAKES us see things differently. 

Today I would ask you to look at things in your world and have the courage to do something differently. Different isn’t bad, it’s just different. Take the time to see your world from a different perspective, even if it means you have to work when you were not expecting to work.