Here you see my empty plate after we were hosted for a dinner by Pastors from Kobe, Osaka & Kyoto…it was Okonomiaki, which is an Osaka specialty. It was delicious and a wonderful time. There is something magical that happens when people share a meal together. 

With our busy lives and schedules, people still have to eat. And when we eat with people we have a rare chance to slow down, get to know them better, and enjoy both a great meal and a great conversation. Today’s challenge for you is simple…share a meal with people and talk. Put down the cell phones, turn off the television…and talk to the people who are actually in the room. Take time to enjoy each other. We are getting close to Thanksgiving, our national holiday of over eating…so this year be sure to add time to talk to everyone…even that weird relative from out of town. Let the magic of food and people take over…your technology will be there when everyone is done eating.