For the gluten free diet, Tokyo can be both a dream and a nightmare at the same time. The Japanese have a predominantly rice, protein, vegetable based diet which is very hlepful for those living without gluten. And yet they are amazing bakers as this vendor in the basement of Takashimaya Department Store shows you their excellence. Everything you could ever want in a baked good is available…and all are superb! Once you decide to give in, the challenge isn’t the impact to your body…the real challenge is choosing which one to eat first. 

When we travel, we know there are things we can control and things we can’t. The real adventure is in how to handle the things you cannot control. There are times when we willingly suspend the confines of our normal world to embrace the wonders of the place we are visiting…diet is one of those things we often suspend. We won’t eat everything from this display, we will pick one to enjoy immensely, savor and remember forever. 

Today I encourage you to pick one thing to savor and enjoy. Maybe it is a wonderful glass of wine or a movie you have been hoping to see…maybe it is your favorite chocolate dessert you have not had for months. Just one thing, that’s all. It won’t break the bank or kill your weight loss program, or diffuse the tight time table that is your world…just one thing. Take time today to savor soemthing special. Enjoy the moment, the flavor, the scene, the sound…enjoy the value that one thing brings to your soul.