These lovely ladies are waiting for a train at Shinigawa station in Tokyo. What I enjoyed watching was the way they greeted each other as one by one they arrived at thier meeting point. They were happy to see each other, bowed deeply, and smiled…then began sharing. They talked freely and passionately, and seemed to be glad to be together. I know you have noticed that they are all in traditional dress, with beautiful coats covering their kimono…friendship is universal isn’t it!?!

Who do you hang with? What fun activities do you share with your friends? And when do you spend time with them? Do you dress like them, talk like them, look like them? We often pick people who are like us to spend time with…it is a natural human trait that is universal across the globe. We like people who like us just the way we are. That isn’t a bad thing, it is a human thing. 

Today I ask you to appreciate your friends. Let them know how much you enjoy their company and value their friendship. Talk with them and openly share who you are, what you are excited about, and how that friendship adds value to your world. In this crazy topsy turvy life full of schedules, obligations and distractions we too often forget to thank people for the simple blessing of their friendship. When you next meet your friends be sure to smile and thank them for being a friend.