It’s a jumble, isn’t it…finding the right words to communicate your message? A successful message requires two things – the message and the messenger. If one or the other do not work, the message fails. If both do not work, it can be disasterous. So how do you get your message across?

I encourage you today to pick the right words, which may mean thinking about what it is you REALLY want to communicate. Words have meaning and can be more powerful weapons than any nuclear device…they can leave scars that never heal. The tapes we all play in our heads are hard to stop AND seem to turn on at the most awful times. So as the messenger, be clear and kind in what you communicate. 

I encourage you today to pick the right messenger…and maybe that is not you. Sometimes a message is important enough for you to NOT be the one who delivers it to the intended audience. It might be your idea, and you are passionate about the topic. Are you willing to let someone else present it in order for it to be successful? That may take setting aside your ego AND letting someone else be the center of attention. 

Message, messenger…two parts of the success story. Are you willing to stop, think, and act differently in order for your idea to succeed? That is your challenge today…stop, think, act…