My niece got married this past weekend. Here you see her talking with her paternal grandfather…yes, they are both wearing tennis shoes to her wedding. Hers are pink high top Converse – she is 22 years old. His are red Vans – he is 84 years old.  No, they did not agree to do it before the big day…great minds think alike. Just when you think there is a big divide between generations and how they can relate to each other…you see something like this. 

I was proud of both of them for being true to themselves and their comfort on this special occasion. I was excited that people found it charming and fun. Everyone at the wedding noticed and commented on both sets of shoes…how cool is that? And I thought it was great that both were excited by what the other one was wearing. 

So why do you do what you do? Do you have the courage to be yourself when it might seem unconventional? Are you willing to put comfort above the opinion of others? Are you willing to embrace others who think like you, or do you have to be the center of attention? Here is an example of a bride who was more excited that her Paw Paw was there, then what he wore. And here is a grandfather who did whatever it took to attend his granddaughter’s wedding. Live by their example today – be yourself and embrace the individuals around you…and no matter what, be where you need to be wearing comfortable shoes!