Inside this cabin at Valley Forge you can see the reality of life before the world as we know it. No electricity, no central heat, no sleep number beds, and no running water…and yet all the necessities are covered. Our forefathers lived this way, thrived this way, fought and worked to build our country this way. My world when compared to this one is not simple, far from it.

I am not advocating going back to life without running water or electricity, and yet it seems to me that we have swung in a much more complicated direction. Is it worth it? Are we better off? Do we feel more fulfilled, and is the world a better place? Disease is down, people live longer, and children have a better chance of surviving the winter. We can see and view and talk to each other in an instant, yet too many times we chat about nothing and watch fictitious people do a whole lot of nothing. The busy-ness of life has overshadowed the benfits to humanity. 

On this day, be thankful for the benefits of our modern world. Be thankful for teh basics.  And while counting your blessings, work to escape the overcomplicated world we have created….to do that will take some concentration and some quiet.