I can’t count the hours I spent playing hopscotch as a young girl. Jumping, hopping, throwing rocks from square to square – giggling, shouting, romping with my friends and neighborhood playmates. How many times did I draw this same shape on the sidewalks in front of our house? It touched me somewhere deep when I walked through a Pennsylvania village and discovered this recently drawn adventure.

Seeing this reminded me that children do play outside. It reminded me that when bored, a piece of chalk and a rock can occupy hours of time. It also reminded me that when given the opportunity children will invent something to do, they will work out how to do it, and they will be entertained for hours. My guess is they did not keep score with an app, they did not post the winner online, and they did not pool their funds to create a fantasy team. 

Sometimes simple is best. When you have a moment to do something, think simple. Maybe today is the day to work with a clean piece of paper and a freshly sharpened pencil. Maybe today is a good day to open a box of crayola crayons and draw on a fresh piece of construction paper. Or maybe you will just sit in a chair outside and enjoy the breeze…today make your simple maybe a reality.