The greatest gift we have is the ability to live twenty-four hours each day. We all know that, and yet not many of us actually do it. We wake up each morning with an entire day in front of us…full of choices, opportunity, full of hope, full of fear, and at times full of both. No matter what we might think – how pressured we feel or pressed in by our responsibilities – we have the choice each day on what we will do before the end of the day.

Choice – we use it or lose it everyday…and hopefully we will get another chance tomorrow to choose again. Making good choices requires us to think, weigh our options, and keep moving forward. Sometimes a day means we take small steps, other days we take giant leaps forward…then we all have those days when we fall flat on our faces or end up five steps backwards. 

If you need permission to do something different, then consider reading this post your permission. You are hearby empowered to take control of your world by choosing differently how you will use your twenty-four. Even if you only have the courage to do something different for five minutes, let that be the start of something new!