Before Halloween I saw this little girl shopping with her Mommy. How great is it to want to wear your costume AND wear it in public. She was enthusiastic and full of energy, dressed as a lady bug of some sort. She didn’t care who saw her – in fact she smiled when I commented on her skirt…how cute is that!

So when did we lose our ability to feel this free in public? When did we become so concerned with what other people think that we slowly conformed to what those other people think? I think we call that being an adult. Well if conforming is the price we pay, then I want to turn in my checkbook, driver’s license and mortgage and go back to being a care free child. I want to dress like a lady bug and go shopping…no questions asked. I want to be fearless all day long. 

Fearless, what a thought. Do you have the courage to be fearless? To give up the pressures of adulthood and live your life the way YOU want, no matter what other people think? Are you willing to make choices on a regular basis to support the things you want, not what our society thinks you should want? To live that free comes with it’s own set of options and constraints. So I ask you today to think about living your life fearless like this 4 year old lady bug…polka dot tutu and all that comes with it!