My step daughter Ashley Arends drew this – to her it was a simple drawing – not simple in my mind. I think it’s AMAZING! She draws these free hand from images in her head. As someone who cannot draw people, the fact that this is a doodle in her world astounds me completely. 

I’m posting it today to encourage you to be creative on this day called Halloween. Let the images in your head turn into reality. Have the courage to put it down on paper, to share it with others, and to create more and more and more. If you celebrate this holiday, go all out…dress up, hand out buckets of candy…and allow yourself to have fun. Let the child inside you, who had unlimited ideas come out and play…be silly, be creative, and doodle all you can. The more you doodle the better you get. Like anything, practice makes perfect…so be perfectly silly on this holiday with candy and costumes and doodles!