This chain is installed at a decorative gate in a national park. We took one big step to get around it…and so did everyone else at the park. The cement sidewalk underneath it beckoned us forward, which meant getting over the chains. We were willing to go around it to get to what we really wanted to see. 

What about the chains in your world? They may exist in your mind, in your heart, in your memories, or may have embedded themselves deep within your soul. Only you know the chains you carry around and what they prevent you from doing. Like the chain in this picture, they may have been installed for decoration or to lead to a better path, but over time the chains have changed color and now only prove to be an obstacle. Yet they still sit there and block the way forward. 

Let’s face it, we all have chains we struggle with carrying around. A chain may have been created when someone hurt us, or died an untimely death, or maybe we created a chain to block someone from hurting us again. Maybe the chain was carefully crafted to lock people out, or to protect something we value more than anything else in the world. Whatever the reason, we all have chains. 

The real question here is how much effort do you want to exert carrying your chains around? It will take effort to dismantle your chains. It will take courage, and time, and many tears. It may take talking to someone – a friend, a family member, a professional – and yet the time you invest in taking down your chains will pay off. Your world will be lighter, better, you will be faster. And think about how strong you will have become carrying them and now that strength can be put toward other more productive endeavors. Start by taking a personal inventory of your chains, then pick one to dismantle first. 

Be inspired today to begin tearing down the chains in your world…my guess is your world will be a better place once the area is cleared of obstacles.