These are Bonksia Pods. At the lumber yard they sell for $6.00 each or two for $10.00.  They grow on the Bonksia tree in Australia. Wood workers use them with a lathe to turn and produce amazing items. When you make a mistake in turning one of these, it blows apart into a million pieces. Poof, all your hard work is gone!

So who was the first person to look at this pod hanging on a tree, pull it down, then think about using it for a wood turning project? Someone had to go first…someone had to try. The person who went first had to look, try, fail, then fail again, and maybe fail a bit more until somehow it worked out to actually be something. What they really did was have the courage to take a big chance, and give themselves permission to fail. 

Did you hear that? They gave themselves permission to fail. Being willing to fail means you might invest time, or money, or persperation and see nothing come from it. You might end up using supplies and have nothing to sell when you are done. It takes guts to fail, it takes gumption. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to fail no matter the cost? If you try and fail, is it really a true failure? Or does it allow you to better understand something that will open a previously sealed wall, or door, or ceiling? 

Some of my best lessons have come from failure. Some of my personal principles have been cemented into my soul through failure. I would not have reacted that way with the initial failure, but over time I learned the vital lesson a mishap, or bad decision, or dungled project would provide. Today I give you permission to fail…foul something up REALLY badly, and absorb the wisdom that failure provides.