There are certain ideas I do not get…this is a pink, camouflage recliner. We found this is in a MAJOR retailer prominently on display…I’m not kidding. I wish I were. And as we were walking by a couple was checking it out. That is when I realized I was not the audience for this piece of furniture…but it did have an audience!

This recliner reminds me of the production cycle: someone had this idea, pitched it to a manufacturer, who liked the idea enough to create the product, they then made multiples, then shipped them across the country for consumers to purchase. And I stood there and took a picture and am now writing about it. No matter how ridiculous or unusual an item might be, somewhere in the world someone might want it. 

Crazy works in this world. If you don’t believe me, take another look at this recliner. It’s pink. It’s camouflage. It was in a major retailer who catered to an audience that would be interested in buying something like this. Capitalism is a crazy mistress…you never know what she will embrace. 

I hope this reminder about capitalism and crazy gives you license today to dig out your dusty ideas and give them another try. It might have felt zanie before, after seeing this chair…was your idea really that looney? Maybe all it needs is another chance, or a fresh review, some tweaking or the right audience…there IS an audience for every item!