This is the meat counter at Frankfurt Doner & Meats in Ball Ground, GA ( If you want to eat the most amazing handmade sausages, enjoy hand cut pork chops, or feel the warmth of nurturing, homemade chicken noodle soup…then this is your shop. My husband and I ate lunch there last Saturday…and the yum, yum,yum sounds were heard all along the street. 

What got us in the door? This brilliant butcher set up a barbeque grill on the sidewalk in front of his shop and was cooking their sausages. The smell alone was irresistible and got us to walk four blocks to find out what smelled so delicious. There was a line of people inside who were all willingly waiting until it was their turn to purchase meat. No one who waited was disappointed. 

To me this is a wonderful example of being an expert at something – make a better mousetrap and the world will beat down your door to buy that mousetrap. By being excellent at one thing, you can become the master and astound the world with your creations. This person chose meat – what do you choose? What do you want to become an expert in, to create, to share with the world?  Know that this butcher has proven that excellence pays off…one bite at a time!