I was picking up a friend, when he made me get out of the car to look at this well groomed landscaped area in front of the hotel. This is coleus, a plant that grows big and beautiful under trees and buildings. He was excited, knew that I blogged, and said. “I don’t know what is here, but something is here…and you need to write about it.”

He was correct. I have had this picture of that moment for several weeks, trying to figure out what I was going to say about all this, and today I figured it out. It wasn’t about the plants, it was about his enthusiasm. He was enthusiastic about showing it to me, and I was enthusiastic about taking the picture. For no reason other than someone I trusted wanted to show me something he was excited about. Isn’t that just like enthusiasm…like a cold it is very contagious!

My husband says that if I had a super power, it would be enthusiasm! I naturally get excited about things, and that makes other people get excited. Like my friend showing me this plant, enthusiasm will catch you off guard and put you in strange situations…but they usually end up being the best situations. Enthusiasm brings fun, and excitement, and energy, and life where there might not have been any. For some of us it is natural, and for others we need to work at it. 

So your challenge for today is to be enthusiastic about something – anything – just let your emotions gush! Let the joy inside leap off your face and into the heart of someone else. Make them get out of the car to look at a plant…share what you are excited about and see what happens next. Life is about making things happen, and making them happen with enthusiasm will most of the time bring along a smile, a laugh, and a lighter heart.