This is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen…she was playful, happy, and just glad to be around people. She was at the reception for a wedding we attended…and no one ever knew she was there. Talk about a well behaved infant. She was better behaved than many of the adult guests; their excuse was massive quantities of alcohol – just saying!

What is it about babies? When we see them we smile and make funny faces and start doing things we would never do if they were not around. If we are a stranger, they just laugh at us and want us to do more funny stuff. And they laugh, and we laugh, and we do more goofy things, and they play shy and laugh even more. So why is that? When did we lose our ability to be that free all the time? Why do we only let ourselves be silly when a baby is around? 

Call it conditioning, call it fear, call it socialization…call it growing up. Whatever you call it, I hope we find a cure soon. I enjoy being around people when babies are involved – they somehow bring out the best in us – we work so hard to suppress the goofy inside ourselves – being around a baby allows us to melt like butta when that cute, chubby face smiles without containment. 

So today, act like you would if you had a baby standing in front of you in the line at the grocery store…give yourself a license to be goofy, and enjoy the moment. The line will move, you will make your purchase, and you will get back into the grind of everyday life – but for a little while, let all that go and be goofy…so I dare you to be that way all day today…and melt like butta!