These are the kitty foot prints I found on my kitchen sink this morning. It tells me our cats are having fun wandering all over the kitchen while we are asleep. It makes me laugh, and then it makes me wonder. Are they doing it all the time – like when we are at work, or only when we are upstairs asleep? Would they rather be doing something else – like go outside? The logical mind in me tells me they do it all the time, they just might not leave footprints every time. 

I could panic here and try to think about ways to prevent this. I could be disgusted here, by dwelling on how unsanitary it is for them to walk around on the kitchen counters. I could also be curious and try to figure out which cat is doing it, and how often. All that seems like a lot of energy to exert with little chance of success. In all this, I think I really choose to be entertained….ha, ha, ha! The joke is really on us humans – like we can control cats! Get real!!! Dogs have owners, cats have staff…that makes me staff!

If you have control issues, do not own a cat. If you want your world to be perfect all the time, do not own a cat. If you want something that will respond on command or do what it is told, do not own a cat. Cats are like teenagers – they have an opinion and do not have any issues in expressing THEIR opinion, which really means you are wrong most of the time. 

The upside of cat ownership is that they bring such joy and personality to our world. They know where to go to get food, where to go to poop, and when they want to sleep…they will make their own place for that.  They are playful and loving, and enjoy being with people. They talk and purr and curl around your leg. They will tell you how they feel or what they need pretty clearly, most people just aren’t listening. Isn’t that a lot like humans? We think we are communcating when actually the other person isn’t even listening. Just because people are in the same room does not mean they are paying attention…kind of like a cat. 

So as you interact with people in your world today, pay attention. Don’t just think about what you are going to say next – REALLY listen and they will tell you what they want/need…and if you choose not to listen then be prepared to clean the footprints off your kitchen sink in the morning.