While waiting in line, who should be getting on the same plane as me – Shaq. Yes, he is as tall as you can imagine. He waited in line like everyone else…for first class of course. He had his carry on, he had his ticket, he had his headphones…just a regular guy boarding his flight.

It made me think about why we “worship” famous people – athletes, movie stars, tv personalities…they are just regular people like us who happen to be known for one thing or another. They travel on planes, wait in line…they even eat bags of peanuts. Like us they put their pants on one leg at a time. 

So what is all the fuss about? What makes fame something we worship. Wouldn’t it be smarter to worship those who serve, or give, or make the world a better place? I’m sure Shaq is a nice enough guy. I’m not discounting his achievements. I’m just asking us to elevate the efforts of those who change the world for the better not just for the buck. Give thanks for someone you know that makes the world a better place….