Restoration Hardware has a jumbo Scrabble set for sale this Christmas. It spins, the letters are extra large, and you can fit in on top of a nice coffee table. Scrabble is one of those games where you can play and talk at the same time. I remember hours spent trying to outspell my brothers, only to face the dreaded letter “x”. It had a high point value and yet was hard to fit onto the board. 

Sometimes I feel like that letter “x” – high value yet hard to fit into the game. The game of life that is…be it corporate life, social life, or private life. I sometimes feel as if I think so differently than anyone else, like I am the letter that never fits. My thoughts, opinions and values are at times very outside the normal. This world tells us what to think, when to think it, and how to express it…and it happens so much that we forget to think for ourselves. We get through the day without having any original thoughts. 

Be original today. If it’s in a meeting or with friends, or maybe when you are sitting around the dinner table…be that letter “x” that will provide high value yet might not always fit. We need more people with the courage to challenge us in this game called life…make sure it is you today!