Have you ever been to a drive-in diner or movie? The ones where you stay in your car and enjoy the food or show from the comfort of your car? This photo made me think of the drive-in experience and how much fun we had as kids. I don’t know how many nights my parents put us in our pajamas, drove us into the drive-in movie, only to end up with three kids asleep in the back before the movie ended. And of course we magically woke up in our beds at home the next morning….like there was a drive-in time warp from the back seat of our old white stationwagon.

It was like magic, every time. Today I encourage you to create some magical moments in your world. Create an expereince or situation or memory that you will cherish forever. Make it an experience that you will tell with whimsy and fondeness in your voice in years to come. It doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to plan, it may be as simple as a drive-in movie in your pajamas…or a milkshake with a cherry on top.