“Please stop annoying me – I am trying to sleep here!”…that’s what I see here on Artie’s face as I take yet another photo of him sleeping. I think the paws over his eyes are the dead give away. By the way, he did go back to sleep once we left him alone. 

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good nap. I often envy our cats in the life they lead – eat, sleep, carouse, eat sleep, carouse, eat, sleep, clean myself, carouse. The average cat sleeps between 16-18 hours a day…every day. There are times when I wish I could sleep that much. It would be great to let time while away as I waste countless hours in a blistful state of slumber…or would it? The beauty of being one of our cats is that the world goes on for them because we are taking care of that world. We make sure they have food, a warm place to sleep, a safe place to carouse, and someone to rub them behind the ears when they need attention.

You might think I am going to encourage you to take a nap, but not today. I am going to challenge you to thank the people who help make your world a peaceful place to dwell. There are those who help us take care of our world – the service providers, the employers, the maintenace crew, the lawn specialists and the hard working spouses, parents, mothers and fathers who work so we can rest in a secure place. Take time today to give thanks to those who work hard so you can – and maybe will – take your next nap.