Junk letters piled up in our favorite scrap yard. It made me think about all the words, signs, comments, thoughts or suggestions that were taken apart to create this huge gathering of leftovers. How many old words were taken down, for someone like me to buy them as “used”, to turn around and use them for a new message? Crazy, huh!?!

All these tools of our language also made me think about the many ways we throw words around without thinking about their impact. We type, speak, text, and post message after message not even realizing the value or waste we create. Would you communicate differently if you had to pay for each letter you used in each message? Would you take more care in what you said, or just spend more? Would you be as chatty, or ponder before you text? Would there be people with whom you stopped communicating…which means are there  others you would interact with more? Or would you go completely silent and save your letters and words for another day – a REALLY important message? 

Letters and words are tools we need to use wisely. If our messages are meaningless, the day may come when no one wants to listen anymore. As you read, write and post today be sure you have a meaning behind your message, and use your tools wisely!