It’s a mannequin made out of wood…how cool is that? I thought this was a very clever way to not only display the items (hand bags) but to catch the attention of the shoppers. I was not the only one touching them and taking pictures. The display seemed to be a real crowd pleaser. 

What happened in my head was also the interesting thing. By seeing this display, I then viewed the more traditional displays in the store differently. Somehow they were a bit more boring and mundane than before. It was as if the wooden mannequins – just by their mere presence – raised the bar for me as a customer. I now expected more from the rest of the store. I wanted creative, unique, something different than the last time I visited; I was disappointed when not much else was new. 

When has this ever happened in your world? You see something creative or innovative and that “something” has completely changed your perspective or experience. I created a piece with this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original diemnsions”

When I saw these mannequins the dimensions of my mind would never be the same. It might seem like a  strange thing, but ya’ never know where that transformational idea will appear. I challenge you today to seek out a new expereince, idea, or thought that will change your mental dimensions.