This is a close up of an old telegraph system in a railway station. I thought it was cool to see the construct of how communicaiton across our great nation began. I am grateful for the ingenious people who invented telegraphs, telephones, and even television. They changed the way the world thinks, communicates, and even shares ideas. Here we see the humble beginnings that have too long been forgotten. 

Do you remember how you started your path? Do you remember when you did not have all you have today? Can you fathom the days when your current wisdom was in process and not in your brain? When you faced new challanges hoping to get through them unscathed…and eventually did? Do you remember your failures? Your triumphs? Your early fears and your early joy? Or maybe you are in your early days now – scraping by and climbing the ladder to reach your definition of success…maybe your beginnings are now. Maybe you are setting aside the perosn you are to reinvent yourself. You have had a life change and want to move forward along a different direction. 

 Be aware that somehow along this path called life you learned to be who you are – by choice, by force, by education, by using resources – you are who you are because you keep going. Where ever you are now – at the beginning, in the middle, or near the end – be thankful for humble beginnings.